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So the past few month across this year has been disappointing and if not, a little bit hectic. I am fully aware that I haven't written a single thing in ages, nor should I care to do so.

However, given the recent circumstances at paris last night, where a group of armed terrorists where responsible for killing 30+ innocent people I decided to write a short piece.

This is my uneducated opinion, and feel free to share your thoughts if you want to.

My first thought was "As if Charlie Hebdo wasn't enough..", but then it hit me: Paris really doesn't have her priorities straight when it comes to apprehending terrorist attacks, let alone defending itself against it properly. Three times this year, and all very close to paris. And let me stop you before you assault your Facebook pages with the hashtags; it won't work. The government has (sadly) full control of this situation for the time being. A little while ago, the UK was under attack, and a little bit before that it was the US. I'm not saying that the Muslims do this, as I don't have anything against Muslims or the Islam in general. In fact, even Buddhists can commit terrorist attacks and hate crimes because that's because they're human.

Now my political view on this is right in the middle: No, I am not against immigration. But, yes; we should keep it more in check if we want to pull the plug on attacks like this. Do NOT place the terrorists in the same camps, because that's what happened when Aal qaida and the Taliban began to live twitch each others ideas. Now we have that little IS party in the middle east, and it looks like we won't see the end of this anytime soon. 

Keep in mind: Hate and its crimes comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. And it's okay to hate something; as long as you keep control over yourself, and keep yourself from harming another living being.

No matter how hard it seems; the favor will be returned to you.

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Place of Birth : Netherlands, Amsterdam

Current Location : Alkmaar

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Pre-occupation : Nin-Jutsu, Urbex.

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''What else can i say, uhh.. name is Grenpool (Real name [REDACTED])

and i come from The Netherlands in Europe, a.k.a. the most legal country overseas.

I basically operate here to tell many tales through photography and if given enough fan comments maybe a short movie. as far as you could tell : i wear a mask, but i consider this my face, and only option to establish a solid character. face it : every famous character wears a mask or helmet, so why not me? that is why there are very few images showing my real face. consider it a 'treat' if you find one. So, I hereby welcome you to my Deviantart page and have allot of fun!"

-Grenpool. (1991 - ? )

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Hi there! I've been good, thank you! ^^ How about you?
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I've been good as well
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Glad to hear
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happy happy birthday
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